David was born in Hlinsko, Czech Republic. But he spent all of his childhood days in Vysoké Mýto, from where his family originates. Thanks to his mother, who was a singer and the director of Elementary Art School in Vysoké Mýto, music has been ingrained in his psyche at an early age. He studied violin and acquired the foundations of composing from Professor PaedDr. Zdeněk Berger. He wrote his first compositions at this time. And at age 17, he performed with a school orchestra his “Romance for Strings”. 
He successfully graduated the State Conservatory of Music in Prague as a conductor of the orchestra. In parallel with conducting, he studied composing privately. He consulted with composers and professors, Otomar Kvěch, Radek Rejšek, Jiří Pazour, and the aforementioned Zdeněk Berger. He also drew composing techniques from a myriad of scores from all periods. He began consulting with Sylvie Bodorová [The famous Czech composer] on his compositions and techniques. He was the first and the only student for her private lessons. 
David has come out as gay and he lives with his husband in Vysoké Mýto. He hasn’t got any children. 
For a period of his studies David Lukáš collaborated predominantly with semi-professional ensembles and youth orchestras. He started conducting professional orchestras after graduated. He debuted with Talich chamber orchestra at the concert of Czech contemporary music in 2007. 
He became a chief conductor of the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague (2008-2013), with whom he completed many successful concerts. He recorded a movie soundtrack to the Czech movie “3 seasons in Hell”. David visited most of Europe and Japan with BSOP during this period. He worked as a tour manager and the orchestra second manager too.  
David Lukáš has become the chief conductor of the Litomyšl Symphony Orchestra from the concert season 2010/2011. David is a choir-master of the mixed choir “Bendl” Česká Třebová from 2016. 
He gained his first achievements in composition as early as Basic Music School in Vysoké Mýto. During his staff-stay in music camp, he met the American composer and publisher Joel Blahnik, who published his five pieces for strings on Alliance Publications, Inc. He performed with the Litomyšl Symphony Orchestra the world premiere of his “Rhapsody for Symphony Orchestra” in 2002. During their tour of the USA in 2004, the children’s choir “Rubínek” from Vysoké Mýto performed his “Missa Brevis”. His melodrama “The Dark night” has been performed on the International Festival of Concert Melodrama of Prague on November 2009.  
His composition “Des Cauchemars et des Reves” was awarded 3rd prize at the prestigious International Gustav Mahler composer competition in Vienna 2010. (More than 260 works from 30 countries reached the competition in the category orchestra.) This composition was performed in a world premiere by ORF symphony orchestra with the conductor Peter Eötvös in Graz on 8. 10. 2011 and was broadcast by ORF radio. On 13th December 2012 was the world premiere of David’s symphonic poem “The dreaming of stone Amore with broken wings“ at the concert of the North bohemian symphony orchestra Teplice under the baton of Charles Oliviery Munroe. David was awarded by his piece “The Nativity of the Light” for the large symphony orchestra at Czech philharmonic composer competition in November 2014. This composition got a prize of chief conductor of Czech Philharmonic, maestro Jiří Bělohlávek. This piece will be performed by the Czech philharmonic during 2015/2016 season. Two compositions, „Mother Soul“ for violin and piano and Stabat Mater were played in their premiers at the same season. Both are reacted to the premature death of the composer's beloved mother. His chamber works have been performed steadily on the music festival „Days of contemporary music“ in Prague. 
David composed the solo violin composition "Ballad of the Troll Nacken and the Violinist" as a compulsory contemporary composition for the international violin competition on the Prague Spring Festival 2017. He collaborated with the second largest music festival in the Czech Republic, Smetana’s Litomyšl. For the festival, he completed and orchestrated a suite of famous movie melodies by Ennio Morricone and arranged more orchestra music. 
His first dramatic work an operetta/musical „Hey you Kujeba” written for students’ ensemble was successfully premiered in 2018. 
His music has got a specific face during the time. His music is situated on the basic of neo-romantical roots with spirit of 21st century. David is strongly bounded with the Slavonic folklor music roots. He isn’t afraid to us melody a tonality, however with the contemporary music elements. He likes to play with rhythmical lines in his music. All this are creating his personal music language. David have sorted himself as a LGBT+ artist and lot of his works reflected, presented and supported this community. He equates his composition work with Gustav Mahler’s quote: „It is always the same with me; only when I experience something do I compose, and only when composing do I experience! “ 
David collaborates with a number of important instrumentalists, who played his chamber compositions. (For ex. Josef Špaček, Miroslav Sekera, Jana Boušková, Hedvika Mousa Bacha)  
David dreams are to write an opera and cooperate to make a film soundtrack.