David lukáš
Česky | English

„...There have been two pieces for a solo instrument with string orchestra, and three compositions for strings at the concert. It should be noted that the Talich Chamber Orchestra, under the leadership of the remarkable and energetic conductor David Lukáš, signed the compositions on a good tone at least equally as the composers themselves, because from the mere five first violins, four second violins, three violas, three cellos and one bass came the sound from the stage that I have not heard in Prague from much larger groups for a long time. It was thrilling to see the players in the second stand playing with undisguised pleasure with the entire length of bows forming beautiful phrases together as if from a single player. As I already said in my first review of 3rd November – the selection of artists by the organizers of DSH (Days of Contemporary Music) truly matters.
František Lukáš
www.atemporevue.cz, Hudební rozhledy 01/09