David lukáš
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David Lukáš (1981-) was born in Hlinsko in Bohemia, Czech Republic. He spent most of his childhood days in Vysoké Mýto, from where his family originates. Thanks to his mother, who is a singer and the director of Basic School of Music in Vysoké Mýto, music has been ingrained in his psyche at an early age. He studied violin and acquired the foundations of composing from Professor PaedDr. Zdeněk Berger. He wrote his first compositions at this time. And at age 17, he performed with a scholastic orchestra his Romance for Strings.
After graduating from the Basic School of Music he decided to study conducting at the Conservatory of Music in Pardubice with Professor Vlastislav Novak. After one year he transferred to the State Conservatory of Music in Prague under the tutelage of Professor Hynek Farkač. He successfully graduated in 2005 with Dvořak’s Ninth Symphony, From the New World. He also gained knowledge from Professors Miriam Němcová and Miroslav Košler during his studies at the Conservatory. After graduation he continued to hone his conducting under Professor Hynek Farkač.
In parallel with conducting he studied composing privately. He consulted with composers and professors, Otomar Kvěch, Radek Rejšek, Jiří Pazour, and the aforementioned Zdeněk Berger. He also drew composing techniques from a myriad of scores from all periods. He began consulting with Sylvie Bodorová on his compositions and techniques in 2006.
For a period of his studies David Lukáš collaborated predominantly with semi-professional ensembles and student orchestras. He founded and led for three years a chamber orchestra in Vysoké Mýto, which premiered some of his early compositions. He conducted the Litomyšl Symphony Orchestra, Symphonetic Orchestra of Jaromír Vogel in Prague, and a student orchestra at the International Music Camp for Youth in Horní Jelení. While studying in Pardubice he conducted the Pradubice Children’s Choir. He worked as a teacher of music theory at the School of Music in Prague-Hostivař and he worked with their student orchestra from 2006 to 2008.
He conducted the Talich Chamber Orchestra with professional ensembles and recently established a partnership with Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague thus becoming their chief-conductor.
He gained his first achievements in composition as early as Basic Music School in Vysoké Mýto. During his stay in music camp he met the American composer and publisher Joel Blahnik, who published his five pieces for strings on Alliance Publications, Inc. He performed with the Litomyšl Symphony Orchestra the world premiere of his Rhapsody for Symphony Orchestra in 2002. During their tour of the USA in 2004, the children’s choir “Rubínek” from Vysoké Mýto performed his Missa Brevis. He established partnerships and friendships with many of the new generation of Czech performers and musicians, whom he wrote several compositions for: Kateřina Englichová, Vilém Veverka, Böhm Trio, to name a few.
His compositions include several chamber-orchestra pieces, solo concerts and chamber music. A major opus of his is the cantata Pověsti České (The Czech Tales) with lyrics by Veronika Vlachová for a large symphony orchestra, mixed chorus and solo voices. Thanks to the cooperation of the International Festival of Concert Melodrama of Prague, David Lukáš started to compose under this musical-dramatic genre.
At the present time he is a freelance artist of the Bohemian Music Agency.