David lukáš
Česky | English

Chamber works

Impromptu for trumpet and piano (2009)

Adversity of love (2009)
(oboe, english corn, marimba, vibraphone, timpans, harp)

Wind trio (2000)
(flute, clarinet, bassoon)

Romance for flute and harp (2002)

Bagatella (2002)
(2 flutes, piano)

Burlesca (2003)
(violin, flute, piano)

Trio di Bongos (2007)
(clarinet, 3 bongos, harp)

Suite Pagano (2007)

Works for solo voice or choir

Prophecy of angels (2009)
(sopran solo, childrens choir, glockenspiele, harp, piano)

Lullaby for childrens choir

Missa Brevis
(childrens choir)

Love songs from old Egypt
(soprano, piano)

Ave Maria
(soprano, piano)

In folk note
(soprano, piano)

Týnom Tánom (czech national song)
(childrens choir, glockenspiel,violino, piano)

Works for chamber or string orchestra

La suite d'été (2008)
(bass clarinet, vibraphone, percussione, tympans, harp, strings)

Dedication (2004 version)
(string orchestra)

Romance for strings

(string orchestra)

Roll over roll, Black eyes
(string orchestra)

Fantasia on Svatý Václave chorale
(string orchestra)

Sinfonia piccola per orchestra da camera
(soprano, oboe, harp, strings)

Solo concerts

"Posedlost" (Madness)(2007)
Concerto for flute and orchestra
(flute solo, percussione, glockenspiele, xilofone, vibraphone, tympans, piano, harp, strings)
also avilabile flute-piano version

Concert for harp and small orchestra
(harp solo, xilophone, glockenspiel, timpans, gong, percussione, piano, strings)

Concert for piano and orchestra
(piano solo, 2 flutes, bass clarinet, 2 trumpets, xilophone, glockenspiele, tubular bells, percussione, tam-tam, timpans, strings)

Works for large symphony orchestra

"Amar!" - symphony no. 2 for narrator and ballet (2010)

Des cauchemars et des reves - symphony (2009)

Rhapsody for symphony orchestra (2001)

Large vocal-instrumental compositions

The prophecy of angles (2009)
(sopran solo, childrens choir,2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 trumpets glockenspiele, percussione, timpans, harp, strings)

Pověsti české – cantat (2007)
(sopran, alt, bas- baryton, mixed choir, large symphony orchestra)

Dramatic and scenic works

Noční tma (Night's dark) - melodrama (2007)
(piano, male voice)